Monday, August 15, 2011

What To Do During the 2WW

I am already thinking ahead to what to expect during the month of our IVF cycle. I want to be as emotionally prepared as possible. The first part is the medicated part. I'm definitely worried about the hormones and the roller coaster ups and downs of the different stims and the level checks and worrying about how many follicles are growing, etc. I know it will be tough, but there will be a lot of action. Lots of doctor appointments and checkups and shots and things like that. The part I'm most concerned about is the two-week-wait (2WW). Waiting for the pregnancy beta tests after the embryo transfer.

I am trying to come up with a list of things to do throughout the entire cycle, but especially during the hardest time of seemingly endless waiting. Since I don't have a regular job, I'll be home all day every day by myself. That's a lot of time, and I don't want to spend it obsessing over forums about pregnancy symptoms, etc. What I'm wondering is how much will I be able to do after the transfer? Will I be on bed rest? I'm sure I'll want to take it easy for a few days after the ET (embryo transfer), but what about the rest of the 2WW? If anyone reading the blog has been through IVF and has any advice or knowledge of how long to rest and what the restrictions might be, please comment and let me know.

I feel like I have tons of questions. Like can I work out? What about taking a trip to the mountains or something? Is there any danger in riding in a car for several hours? I want to find a balance between being careful and being too careful. I don't want to live in terror for 2 weeks that I'll do something that could potentially harm the embryos or keep them from implanting. I know it sounds silly, because people get pregnant all the time and go about their normal lives and activities for weeks or even months before they know they are even pregnant. /sigh. Still, IVF is a bit different and more delicate. I just want to do the right thing. 

And, most importantly, I want to learn to manage any stress that might come up. Part of that for me is going to be finding ways to occupy my mind during the worst of the rollercoaster and during the 2WW. Here's what I have in mind so far:
  • Fable III - My sister gave me this game for my XBOX 360 for my birthday earlier this year, but I haven't had any time to play. Games are always a good way to distract me from worry or anything, because I can lose myself in it, but sitting on the couch is also pretty much bed rest anyway.
  • Everquest II - Another game. This is an MMORPG that my husband and I play together. We actually met playing this game. We quit for a while but have gotten back into it, so I might spend more time playing during the 2WW.
  • Reading - I have a huge stack of books to read. If I can find one or two that really occupy my mind, that would be awesome.
  • Sex and the City Marathon - My favorite show EVER and even though I've seen every episode at least 3 or 4 times, I haven't seen them in years. I might go back and put on a marathon of the DVD's.
  • Puzzles - My father-in-law brought by about eight puzzles for me to do because sometimes I like to work on them while I'm plotting my novels. I have only done one of them, so I could set up a table in front of the TV and do puzzles while watching TV or movies or SATC.
So far, those are my best at-home ideas. We are also throwing around the idea of taking some days off and either going to the beach or to the mountains. Both are relatively short drives away, but the beach is closer. Also, since the 2WW will probably be in early November, the beach will be much cheaper. It will be too cold to go swimming obviously, but we could still maybe walk along the beach and sit up on the balcony or wherever and enjoy the sound of the ocean. The ocean always calms me and makes me feel better, so it's definitely an option. We can't book anything ahead of time, because there's no way of knowing exactly when the transfer will be or what might have to change along the way. Still, that time of year, it shouldn't be hard to book it last minute if we need to get away.

I'm hoping time passes quickly and before we even know it, we're getting a positive beta result! Still, I want to be armed with lots of ways to pass the time that can totally get me out of my own head for a while if I need it. If anyone else has any fun suggestions, let me know!


  1. Sounds like u have your 2ww covered!! :) my advice is just this....


    It will drive u insane! I've done the google preggo signs for my past 2 iui's and it drove me crazy! So I vowed to not look into it this time around. I can't even begin to tell u how many accounts I created for forums!! Ahhhhhh. Don't do it!!

    Relax... Relax.. Relax :)

    Ps. I love SATC too!!!

  2. Hey Sarra - After the transfer my doctor suggests 3 days of rest. After that, I am told I can go about my normal activities but to not over do it. For me this means I just take it easy. Instead of running, I go on a walk. I don't lift anything heavy. Other than that, I pretty much go about my normal day to day activities. I think a trip to the mountains or beach would be wonderful for you!!

    Being with my family as much as possible really made my 2WW go faster! It was a comfort for me as it allowed me to get my mind off of everything.

    Other things I could suggest for the 2WW is watching funny movies or sitcoms. My acupuncturist shared a story with me about how important it is to laugh in the time immediately after your transfer. He shared this link with me:

    I figure it can't help - so I plan to rent all my favorite comedies to help pass the time while I am resting. (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, etc)

    Oh and I also think it's good to pamper yourself. Treat your body right - at the point of the 2WW your body will really deserve some love. After my 3 days of rest, I plan to schedule in a massage & facial.

    I think that's all I have *for now. :)

  3. Hi Sarra,
    I've been through the 2WW 4 times (and gotten pregnant every time, but have lost the first 3 babies), and I think all your ideas sound amazing. Reading, video games, Sex and the City (which I am currently watching late at night when I can't sleep, LOL), and some trips sound like wonderful distractions.
    Every clinic is different as far as restrictions, but mine has me on strict bedrest the day of transfer and the day after. I live 4 hours away from my clinic and a 4-hour car ride on the third day has been no problem. They tell me NO exercise at all (very easy walks are probably OK), no sex, no lifting anything over 10 pounds, just to stay as relaxed and calm as possible.
    My experience is the 2WW isn't that hard until the last few days.
    We'll all be here for you!
    Can't wait for this to happen for you and you to be announcing your BFP!!
    PS Everyone's different but I would STRONGLY advise you not to POAS. I have done that once or twice and it makes the 2WW so much worse...

  4. Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone. Lc- Thank you for sharing that link about the medical clowns. How strange, but cool! I told my husband we should bring in some funny jokes or something to read through during the hour we sit at the clinic after the ET. I'll do anything that might help!!

    Kristen - I'm so sorry about your losses, but excited that you are pregnant again! I am thinking of you and I appreciate your support. I think your idea to take a photography class is a good one! I saw that on your blog and am trying to find something similar to do here in Raleigh.

    Diana - yes Google and forums are awful during the 2ww, I am going to ban myself from them, lol.