Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Second Ultrasound

This morning I had my second follicle check ultrasound for this third medicated cycle. My follicles are definitely maturing. I had one 22mm follicle, which is big enough to trigger. But I also had two others that were at 17 and 16 mm's. The nurse said that there is still a good chance the IUI will work with only one mature follicle, but having more than one does increase the chance of getting pregnant without significantly increasing the chance for multiples. So, I had a decision to make. I could either trigger today with one follie or I could give it a day and allow the other two medium follie's to mature.

The only problem with waiting a day is that there is a possibility I could ovulate on my own tonight or tomorrow with the one mature follicle. If that happens and we don't catch the surge, it's possible the IUI could be too late. I've been taking OPK's every few hours, and there hasn't been a surge yet. I'm hoping the bigger follie will hold on just a little bit longer. Tomorrow, I will go in to the doctor and get my trigger shot. Hopefully, I will then ovulate within the next twenty-four to thirty-six hours.

Our plan is to go in for the actual IUI on Thursday, which should be exactly right. I hope. If I release three good, healthy eggs this cycle and we get the washed sperm into my uterus within 24 hours of the eggs releasing, I should have a really good shot at getting pregnant this cycle.

There is definitely a little bit of fear that we might end up with twins. I think I would be okay with it. Sure, it would be twice as expensive and probably twice as tough, but I think it would still be fine. It's three babies that bothers me, and the chance of that happening is extremely rare. I am so nervous about entering into the 2-week-wait. It's the worst time of the month, because it's so incredibly difficult. And since this is our best chance at having a successful cycle, I have a feeling it's going to be particularly tough.

Even though I'm not technically in the 2-week-wait just yet, I can feel it getting closer. I want to be ready with some ideas on how to stay centered so that I don't go crazy over the next few weeks. I will either get my period or get a positive pregnancy test by February 17th. I hope it's a BFP! How exciting would that be? It would be such a dream come true! I will think about the different ways I can keep stress-free over the next two weeks and hopefully post a new blog about it in the next few days. I will also blog about the IUI and what it was like.

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