Thursday, February 3, 2011

My First IUI

Today was the big day! Our first IUI - Intrauterine Insemination. Here's how the procedure went:

*At 8:30 we checked in at the doctor's office. DH went straight in to a room in the back to give a sperm sample. He said the room had magazines and video and such to "inspire" haha. I can imagine that having to do that in a doctor's office and collect it in a cup would be really awkward and tough, but he did a good job. When the results came back, it showed that his sample had 105 million sperm! Of those, 31 million were high motility. Very good results that mean our chances of having a successful IUI are just that much better. The nurse said that they look for anything better than 10 million, but that 20-30 is ideal. We were just above ideal, so that's awesome!

*At 10:00 we were called back into the examination room. I stripped from the waist down and laid down with my legs in the stirrups. Our regular doctor was not available today, so another doctor from the sister OB/GYN office came to do the IUI. It was a little awkward because we'd never met him before, but he was very nice. The procedure didn't last long at all. He inserted the speculum, which is very much like what happens during a pap smear. It was uncomfortable, but not too bad. Then, he put the catheter inside, threading it through my cervix and up into my uterus. I only felt just little bit of a pinch, and then it was over.

DH held my hand the whole time and I was glad we were there together. After the doctor left the room, I laid on the table for 15 minutes. I felt a little bit of cramping right from the start, but they weren't as bad as what I usually experience with my period. After 15 minutes, we were able to leave. I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed relaxing. There was a little bit of blood when I went to the bathroom and a LOT of cervical mucus. I have read that the cervical mucus comes from so much of it releasing when the catheter opens the cervix. I also had a lot later this evening. I'm also still cramping a bit. Nothing too bad, though.

I am so excited and nervous to see the results of this IUI. I know that for a lot of people, IUI works the very first time. I really hope we are one of those success stories! The two week wait is going to be the toughest one yet, because I know this is our best chance. Some websites say that IUI with Clomid and a good number of sperm in the sample has up to 26% chance of resulting in a pregnancy. I had 3 healthy, mature follicles and the sperm sample was good. It's exciting and I know we've got a good shot. Now, I have to just relax and keep stress out of my life for the next few weeks. I can reasonably test on February 16th. I don't even know how it will feel to get that BFP!!! Amazing!

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