Saturday, January 29, 2011

CD 11 Ultrasound - Round 3

This morning was our CD11 ultrasound to check for follicles. I am always so nervous going into it that there will just be zero activity in my ovaries. That's what my ultrasound looked like before I started taking the Clomid - nothing. No follicles at all that seemed active.

This morning, though, there was some decent activity. No mature follicles, but five medium-sized ones. There were three on my left ovary, measuring 12mm, 10mm, and 10mm. Then there were two on my right ovary measuring 10mm and 10mm. The nurse said that follicles tend to grow 1-2mm a day, so I am scheduled to come back in for another ultrasound on CD14, which is Tuesday.

Last cycle, the result was very similar. Medium-sized follicles on day 11, but by day 13, there were two that were big enough to trigger. I am going to go buy some more OPK's and keep testing every 12 hours just to make sure I'm not going to ovulate before I go back in. I figure DH and I better get on some BD'ing too, just in case!

I'm a little bit nervous about doing our first IUI. I've heard there is a lot of cramping afterwards that can be pretty painful. Some women also said they got really bloated and generally didn't feel well for a few days. I'm hoping things go well for me, but since this is the first one, it's hard to know exactly what to expect. From what I've read and from what the doctor said earlier in our treatment, IUI increases the chance of getting pregnant up to 25%. With Clomid alone, the chances are something like 12%. So, Clomid with IUI is twice the chance! Plus, this is our third cycle so the odds are in our favor, statistically. I'm going to do everything I can to stay relaxed and to eat well for the rest of this cycle. I want to make sure to create a good environment for implantation. I will write more as the next ultrasound approaches.

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