Monday, October 10, 2011

Third Beta! And a Question...

I just got the results of my third beta. 519!!! So it more than doubled again and I can breathe easy for a little while, thank goodness. But I have a dilemma about the first ultrasound.

The nurse said I should schedule it for the week of November 6th. Ugh. SHe said they typically like to do the u/s one full month after the positive test. That would make me 8 weeks pregnant already. She said they do it because that way there's no chance you won't see the heart beating and the baby growing if everything is okay. I, of course, am not super happy with this timing. That's almost a month to wait!!

I expressed my unhappiness and she said I could schedule it for sooner, but that we might not be able to see a heartbeat and Dr. Toma would probably want me to come in again before 10 weeks just to make sure everything is okay. So what do you ladies think I should do? I actually called the nurse and scheduled an appointment for October 26th, which is only about 2 weeks away. I would be 6weeks, 4 days pregnant. I mean, almost everything I've read says that most people can see a heartbeat by then

George thinks I should do what the clinic recommends because he is scared that if we go in early and don't see a heartbeat, it will be catastrophic for me and I'll freak out. My worry is that what if there's just a sac and there's not really a baby growing in there? I don't want to happily think I'm pregnant and all is well for the next four weeks when I could have found out in 2. /sigh. Am I overthinking this?

I'm debating whether to call and reschedule back to a later week or just go in for the 6 week one and risk not seeing a heartbeat by then? But they would at least be able to tell if there's a tiny fetus that's growing on schedule, right? I guess mentally and emotionally, I would rather know something is wrong earlier rather than later. Any advice?


  1. Ahhhh this happened to me!! I went in at 6 weeks and no heart beat was seen. Nothing was wrong.. Dr said for me not to freak out. (hahaha ok Doc!) so they scheduled me at 8 weeks and we saw and heard it!! :) but let me tell u.. I was a nervous wreck waiting those two weeks in between.

    I would suggest to wait at 8.. Only because u may drive urself crazy. But there are people who DO see a heartbeat at 6 weeks. Lol it's kind of a luck of the draw. Ahhhhhh!!!

  2. It's a hard call... I understand wanting to confirm earlier but I agree with the extra worry if you don't see a HB just cause it's early... I can't imagine how stressful that 2 week wait would be :(

    Personally having had one at 10weeks and being told then about no HB, I would recommend waiting. I would rather the blissful happy ignorance than the worry - but that's just my opinion! :)

  3. That's a tough call for sure. I think honestly I'd probably do the 6 weeks. I am more of a "give me the news now if it's bad" kind of person. However, I would fully admit that I am sometimes glass-half-empty. Good luck with your decision either way - I don't think there is one perfect right answer for this.

    Congratulations on the awesome betas :)

  4. I'm so glad your beta came back nice and high! I know if it were me, I'd want to 6wk ultrasound- given our past with bad news. I don't know that there is a right answer on this one, just go with your gut!

  5. 6 weeks 4 days is early. My clinic usually waits until about 7 weeks 5 days or so. You can go in earlier, I went in at 5 weeks 6 days with my daughter because they thought it was ectopic, but all I saw at that time was a fetal sac and yolk sac. That is comforting in some ways, because the doctor can at least tell you that the size is on track or not and etc. But really, you won't graduate to your OB until your RE sees a heartbeat, so you're going to have to wait either way. As much as we would all like to push things along faster, growing a baby takes the time it's going to take :) Patience, grasshopper :)

  6. Its a tough call, we are actually doing our study of babies/fetal developments right now and this question was raised at the hospital on Friday. Though the babies heart and circulation are formed and functioning by 4 weeks sometimes its still pretty faint and if you don't hear it the mother may become panicked and stressed. By 8 weeks however or even by 7 the hb should be strong and clear. It's ultimately your call, but I think you should go with what the clinic suggests. In the end its your decision though so trust your gut.

  7. You could go in early BUT know that you might not see a heartbeat, so it might not put your fears to rest. I went in at 5 weeks 6 days last week and saw the gestational sac and yolk sac, but it is still nervewracking to have an ultrasound and not see a heartbeat. Plus, even if you go in at 6 weeks and you don't see a heartbeat, they will probably tell you it's too early anyways, so you won't get a definitive answer as to whether things are going well or not. It's a tough call. I totally understand wanting to go in early, but you might not get the clear answer you had hoped for. Good luck, either way!

    Do what you think is best. Just remember that if you go in early, you may not see anything and that is OK. Don't freak out and just remember that that little bean is growing in there nice and snug.